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Current Writing Projects: Just published my first novel Scourge of Princes: Came of Age Too Soon .
SEO Content for Blogs and Websites: StandUpPaddleBoards, TechLinkSrv
Past Projects since 1998.
Hosted his own online radio show: Financial Impact Factor Radio.
Regularly on television and radio as a financial expert.
Five books on investing, retirement, personal finance, and wealth creation. Paul Petillo published works
Mutual funds content editor for was launched in 1998 as a website focused on educating those without access to financial professionals, has provided concise, free and informative conversation on topics such as personal finance, investing, buying a home, insurance and most importantly, a secure retirement.

Host: Financial Impact Factor Radio -

Twitter: @PaulPetillo
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I just published my fifth book - this time with Smashwords! ReBuilding Wealth in a Paycheck-to-Paycheck World by Paul Petillo, available across all platforms.