novelist, financial expert & author, seo copywriter, zero waste consultant

About Me

My Current Work

i am currently working on a trilogy with two of the three works available as ebooks. i will work to submit the third in the series to a publisher in the near future. these trade fiction novels center on an enigmatic character with morally ambiguous tendencies, a good person with as many enemies as fans.

My Previous Work

i have had a wildly diverse writing career. 

it began with the creation of a financial resource center in 1999 called (now closed for three reasons: the site was written in html and because of that and its size, could not be made mobile friendly or secure). 

i have written four books with McGraw-Hill based on that site, and specific aspects of investing, personal finance and retirement planning. i also hosted my own radio show.

i have also been a successful business blogger providing seo-friendly content as well as preparing internal copywriting services.

i am available to add to this portfolio if the right opportunity arises.

My Journey

as a result of another career i recently retired from, i have become a zero waste consultant, helping business bridge the cost of sustainability.

all of my work has financial underpinnings, cognizant of the fact that all aspects of our lives have a cost that impacts the quality of that existence.

please keep checking back: i have no idea where the next adventure might lead me!

i have been married to a wonderful woman for over 35 years and each of my books have been dedicated to this amazing muse. we have four grown children and we are currently living in portland, oregon.